Epoxy Coatings

Given any scenario, our industrial epoxy coating solutions are formulated to meet all customer needs. From chemical resistant and fast cure systems to ESD, thermal-shock resistant, and flexible systems, our epoxy coatings are able to withstand the highest degrees of industrial wear-and-tear for many years to come.


fast cure
Fast Cure

airplane hangar epoxy coating
High Wear Coatings

broadcast systems
Broadcast Systems

Commercial & Industrial Concrete Coatings

Commercial applications can range from a wide selection of epoxy systems, concrete stains, and concrete polishing systems. Choose from a wide selection of multi-colored and decorative concrete coating systems and concrete acid stain systems. We can also integrate your company logo or other custom etching patterns or custom emblem graphics. With any of our concrete coating systems you can say “good bye” to dirty and dust collecting in porous surfaces, eliminate floor cracks and pitting or damaged concrete, while still achieving look that will astound you and your clients for years to come! Let our extensive experience, training and creative imagination inspire you to call the pros at ProTech today at (586) 201-5132 for a FREE consultation and estimate on a custom flooring solution that works for you and your budget.

Advantages ProTech Concrete Coatings Offers…

ProTech strives to install all coating applications with minimum odor and fast-curing for minimal down-time at your facility. Our goal is to offer our customers the lowest cost of maintenance for the life cycle of their floor. All of our industrial coating solutions will also help improve productivity, work environment and the functionality of your facility. Our industrial flooring applications provide a durable, chemical resistant surface that can withstand heavy traffic conditions and protect against scratches, heavy machinery, hi-low traffic, industrial spills, accidental staining and mold growth for years to come!

Industrial Coatings by ProTech

Industrial manufacturing facilities require heavy-duty floor protection and Protech provides a coating solution depending on what the application calls for. ProTech offers all high wear epoxy and urethane coatings, fast-cure epoxy systems, ESD epoxy systems, concrete polishing, and line striping. During our consultations, we will first evaluate your facility and the condition of the existing concrete including moisture and Ph testing, and also scratch testing for concrete hardness. We then be able to determine all options and recommendations for the best coating solution to fit your needs. Best of all, we can offer a solution that will fit your budget. ProTech takes pride in guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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Epoxy Coatings
Broadcast Systems
coca cola epoxy flooring
Epoxy / Urethane Systems
epoxy coatings
Industrial Coatings
white lake fire department epoxy
Line Striping
hermetic quartz flooring
Thick-mil Coatings
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Polished Concrete
broadcast systems
High Wear Systems
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Fast Cure Systems

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